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Explaining to others how Infantilism works (with Bondage)

Uau... 200 posts! Merecemos um bolo!

Oi, bebezinhos mais lindinhos do papai! Um post interessante e.. sorry, fellas... Mas este será em inglês!
Recentemente um usuário de uma das muitas redes sociais bondagísticas que frequento veio falar comigo. Ele é da Alemanha, e seus fetiches principais são Master/Slave, pés, bondage e meias. Ele entrou em contato comigo elogiando minhas fotos junto com meu bebê.
Vou postar nosso papo logo abaixo. Achei que o conteúdo da conversa ficou bem legal! Um fetichista que não possuía conhecimento anterior sobre infantilismo, mas que teve sentimentos e vontades despertados ao ouvir esclarecimentos vindos de um infantilista.
Por isso é importante conversar com outros. Aprendemos coisas novas todo dia!
Ele já deixou claro que a parte das fraldas não é a dele, mas toda a idéia de submissão e ser um baby completamente submisso realmente fez ele pensar na coisa. :)
Vamos nós! Minhas respostas estão em azul:

Hey, i must say your pics are really nice. Even i am not so much into this baby stuff, those clothes look really great and sweet on you and in combination with the bondage... wow :) Everyone who had the luck to be tied up by you must be very lucky.
Jealous greetings from Germany
Hey there! I'm so glad you've enjoyed my pictures! Even though I'm into baby stuff, bondage has always been my main interest. :)
Many hugs from Brazil! ^_^
I've read that in your profile :) but somehow i like this mix, this innocent and sweet baby look and on the other side that "bad" bondage part. Really nice :)
Cute and kinky at the same time. ^_^
Yeah, that's what i meant, just was missing the right words ;) In your case very cute :)
Concerning the baby stuff i'm a bit curious now - is it just the look and the outfit, or is it also the behaviour? So you only look like a baby then or also act in some ways like a baby?
A little childish behaviour comes along with the play-scenario. I act more like a toddler, 4-5 y.o. tops. A very naughty one who needs punishment and must be kept in restraints for his own good. Gags are also necessary, because I tend to be chatty and noisy LoL
My bf is almost the same age, and he's a horny little fella who can't keep his hands away from his peepee (and mine). I have to make him wear mittens at all times, but it's funnier to just tie him up from head to toes and watch him moan and squirm.
He sometimes thinks he's already a big boy and wants more freedom, but then a few ropes, blindfolds, muzzle and a little spanking are good reminders that he's still a baby. :)
Sounds funny :) guess i would be a mix from both of you, naughty, noisy and Not able to keep my hands away lol
So when you play you both are in your child roles or only one of you
It is all kinds of fun! ^_^
When we play, one of us mostly plays the "Daddy" role. A dad who looks after his kid, protecting, feeding and punishing him as he sees fit.
I play the daddy role most of the times, because my bf is like 'the perfect submissive baby', and he loves being taken care of (and punished).
The more 'sexual' part also happens. We're both into it. It's fun to play with an "innocent" and yet, horny baby, and make him feel pleasure and have fun with it. :)
Cool, the more i read about it, the more i'd love to be your baby lol
In the past I never really was able to describe my role, I've never seen myself as a slave, but generally more in the submissive place - but on the other side i've also never been the one who takes every order without moaning.. somewhere inside of me is a little rebel ;) Maybe I'm more like a rebelish child who needs a strong hand than a submissive adult. You made me think about myself now...
Wow, that's actually good! There are so many possibilities in this kinky world. I myself took a very long time to 'find my place' in it. I was embarrassed at first. I mean, what kind of crazy, twisted adult likes to wear diapers and baby outfits and then act like a kidnapped, horny, helpless, naughty toddler? LoL. The main goal is what makes your dick go "rock hard", and that's what bondage and AB stuff do for me. ^_^
The "Daddy" figure can pretty much be compared to the Master figure. The baby must obey him no matter what, and he has to know that misbehaving will bring him severe punishing, while being a 'good boy' will be rewarded with nice treats (kinda like dog-training). It's all about control and behavior modification through age-play. The baby will not just obey his daddy, but he'll also love and worship him, as if they were indeed father and son. :)
To make my dick "rock hard" there is not much needed - either some bondage or some sweaty socked feet near my nose, sometimes only to see them is enough ;)
I guess I'm still not finished finding my place in the fetish world, not sure if one ever will really find it forever, but i know what you mean. I also had this embarrassed feeling concerning my fetishes - in parts i still have it, so i wouldn't tell anyone outside the fetish world about my love for socks.
The only sad thing is, that with my bf I can't really live out my love for bondage cause he's not that much into it (too much work for him to tie someone up and it becomes boring for him when the other one is tied and immobilized) :(
I can't imagine that he would have fun with those age play stuff, so that i won't be able to try it out with him too.. but to be honest diapers would really be nothing for me. But i must say that I've never seen ageplay similar to a master-slave-play or dogtraining, those connections had never come up in my head without you :) Think there is still so much to try out, only the possibilities are missing.

Oh, I love socks too! Cute, fluffy socks are the best. On feet, or even on hands as mittens. Nice! I specially like Hello Kitty socks. LoL ^_^
Oh, no.. A vanilla boyfriend can be hell to a fetish enthusiast! So many kinky desires, and no one to help exercise them! 0_0
When I first met my bf, he was so vanilla that he made actual vanilla seem spicy (lol). I took my time with him.. Showing him the ropes, gags, different techniques and scenarios. His very first bondage session was with me. I was as 'gentle' as possible. I've tied him to bed, spread eagle, blindfolded and worked my way through all his his body's most erogenous zones. Nipples, cock, breathing behind his ears. And then I gave him the blowjob of his life. It was so intense I thought the bed would break! LoL. When I finally let him out, I asked "So.. Does Bondage still scare you?" Then he said, blushing "Oh.. I.. I loved it!" A new bondage lover was 'born' that day. The first time you cum while all tied up, is like falling in love forever. ^_^
As for the adult baby stuff... Well.. It took him a little longer (more than a year) to get into it. But he eventually fell in love with it as well. Now he is my cute little chubby baby. I even had his baby clothes specially made for him. :)
I'm not exactly in love with diapers as well. What I most like about them is that they provide a new and powerful controlling tool. When you put them on a baby-boy, you are in control of his main bodily functions. The dignity of being able to go to the bathroom is no longer there. Plus they are great for those slaves who need/love being humiliated. Just put on the diapers and take them to the mall with you and spend the day. The face they make when they HAVE to pee in front of others... Priceless! :D
Oops! I think I wrote too much... ..blushes..
Sorry about that.. XD

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  1. "I was as 'gentle' as possible. "
    interessante a conversa...
    sempre vai ter algo novo para 'testar'...
    queria que mais pessoas daqui encarassem isso, como a naturalidade desse alemão... :/
    só queria ressaltar mais uma coisa... a storia em que voce reclama que todo mundo quer ser seu bebe:
    "Cool, the more i read about it, the more i'd love to be your baby lol"
    parece que voce conseguiu mais um... HAHAHA

    1. Se eu não tivesse namorado, acho que já teria uma ninhada inteira de filhinhos. =3

  2. De fato, poucas pessoas tem uma mente aberta como esse alemão! Precisamos sempre estar dispostos a conhecer outros "mundos", outros gostos: como foi relatado, se não fosse as experiências com o namorado, o dono deste blog teria um baunilha até hoje. xD

    Eu, assim como muitos, não conhecia sobre o infantilismo. Como adepto de bondage, consigo entender a relação com o infantilismo que o Shark vê, e tenho total respeito! Pode não ser minha área, mas poderia passar a ser: em teoria não me atrai, mas como disse o alemão, vai que? A gente experimenta e pega gosto.

    Que as pessoas tenham maturidade para conversar naturalmente sobre seus fetishes, sem receios e sem vergonha. =D

  3. LoL, traduzir no google tradutor " go "rock hard", and that's what bondage and AB stuff do for me. ^_^"

    a tradução fica como hard rock (Estilo musical) Comico!

    woooowww \,,,/(-.-)\,,,/

  4. Nao entendi nada !¿!

  5. Adorei você dividir isso com a gente. Cada vez mais tenho vontade de conhecer outros infantilistas. É bom saber que existem mais pessoas ee mente aberta do que imaginamos.